Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scaleform over bink movie

I spotted a forum post about scaleform movie over a bink movie and wondered how easy it was to add a bink movie to UDK, it turns out it's fairly easy.

As always Lexluthernumber1 has a video on how to use bink movies in UDK on his youtube channel so carrying on from Matt Doyle s tutorial I added a bsp brush and it worked just fine.


  • Download the The RAD Video Tools and use it to compress your video as a bink movie
  • Import the bink movie into your package and save it
  • Right click the movie and choose 'Create new material'
  • Connect the texture to the diffuse channel and save the material
  • Next select the face of the bsp you want to movie to be on and apply the material
  • Adjust to fit and test in game
As you can see I have two very quick bsp brushes, the one in front is 'some squares' I added and the one behind is the bink video. Obviously you would need to make a bit more effort but here I'm just seeing what's possible.

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