Sunday, December 30, 2012

Faking an AS3.0 document class in AS2.0

Depending on which VM you want to use, some people are still forced to use AS 2.0 for Scaleform development. if so here's scope can be a total nightmare, so why not start off your classes in a nice orderly fashion by faking an AS 3.0 document class.

BIT-101 - Document Class in AS2

Amazing list of tutorials from Tegleg

Tegleg is amazing on the forums ans here's a pretty stunning list of tutorials and bits n pieces

How about this for an exremely comprehensive list of programming resources

I found this list of resources from From Amit Patel over at WillyG's blog. 

My latest quest is to wrap my head around ussing Visual Studio with UDK and try and get nFringe working as not having intelisense in Flash Develop is just driving me insane.

EDIT: Found this in my drafts, thought the links alone were worth publishing this post.

Unreal script and intelisense

The one thing that has driven me insane trying to work with Unreal script hasn't been the syntax, nor the way the script is layered on top an invisible laye of C++ commands running all the time. It's the fact I'm still not comfortable writing code from scratch.

Everything I'm doing is copy and pasted and that's mainly down to not having the features I'm spoilt by having in Actionscript using FlashDevlop.

I've managed to hack my way through to having some sort of syntax colouring but it's just not enough, I need intelisense, I need 'Go to definition' and that's why I've decided to give Unrea Script IDE a shot, it's layered on top of Visual Studio, which as nasty and bloated as I remember it, is the real deal in terms of game development.

One thing I must mention is that not following the installation instructions can, as always, bite you on the arse.