Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to add your UDK project to Perforce

Ok so I never finished the SVN tutorial but then that's because I never had the chance to figure it out properly.

I love Perforce and so I was excited to see it added to UDK.

So first off when you install UDK you'll need to install the client. You don't need the server because we'll be using live online servers hosted free (for one project) over at Assembla .

After you've set up your account you need to follow the instructions for setting up your client here.

But this is where I started to go around in circles as you will keep ending up with 'Partner exited Unexpectedly' error

Assembla will let you run SVN, GIT and P4 repo's but what isn't clear is how and more importantly where you do this.

Log into your account on Assembla.com
Go to your project page
Click on the Admin tab
Under the tools section click 'More'
Finally in here you can Add your P4 repro

Now we have a P4 tab in the top menu which has 'Instructions' link underneath that is populated with your user settings, host and port information which is awesome.

Once you have this set up you need to set your depot to stream

 'p4 client -S //depot/main -o | p4 client -i'

If you are considering putting everything under an initial revision then you might save yourself some pain and remember that some files in the config folder (particularly the ones that check that you've updated your UnrealScript) need to be writable.
So once you've submitted revision 1 you'll need to check them back about again.

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